the anne witch (deaddoloreshaze) wrote in princess__peach,
the anne witch

princess peach game case

at Wal-Mart, i bought a Princess Peach game case. it was 12.95 canadian before tax. it took me about ten minutes to buy it - i have no need of a game case, as i have those little plastic ones that hold three games each, and plus my DS case can hold 3 games - but since it was Princess Peach, i had to. it also came with a pink stylus.

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Cute! I want one!

Even though I don't have a DS or any games for that matter...


you could put other stuff in it. gum, maybe?
OMG I want it! Even if I never use it, I'll add it to my Peach collection :D
its so lovely :)
I have that game case, though mine didn't come with the stylus. But I do make good use of it. :)
Aww, that's so cute! I love it! ♥

I so want this! XD It will come in handy for when I get more games. I just bought a DS. 8)
ooo! what colour is your ds?
It's an original DS and it's silver. 8)

What color is yours? ^^
ds lite and it's pink pink pink pink pink!
So want that.

Did you buy it recently?
i bought it yesterday!
I have a DS, by the grace of God. I want it. Haha.

So, to the Americans out there, anyone know if they got it? Or if I do go to a Wal-Mart soon, I'll inform ya.
i'd be surprised if you couldn't find it in the States.
I bought mine at Gamestop for 10 bucks.
Ha, I have that exact same one! I also have a Super Princess Peach cloth sleeve thing that I never use...I bought it because it with with a Peach screen cleaner cloth.
! a sleeve? pictures please? :)