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Princess Peach in 2007's "The Forbes Fictional 15" list

A few years ago, Forbes Magazine had done a top 15 listing of the richest fictional characters. Our own Princess Peach made the 2007 cut at number 15. Copying/pasting the text for convenience's sake:

#15 Princess Peach

Net Worth: $1.3 billion
Source: Inheritance, Commodities
Age: 23
Marital Status: Divorced
Hometown: Mushroom Kingdom
Education: Toad's Finishing School for Girls

Heiress to the Mushroom Kingdom nearly doubled personal net worth after terms of divorce from hero plumber Mario awarded her a fortune in gold coins. Said to enjoy tennis and go-kart racing, owns over 600 outfits in the same pink color. But life has not always been easy for Peach, who has been kidnapped repeatedly since childhood by Bowser, king of the turtle-like Koopa race. Trauma evident, say friends; Peach fantasizes that she has ability to float in the air for several seconds; mutters about "Goombas," "Cheep Cheeps," "Bob-ombs." New member.
Link: http://www.forbes.com/2007/12/11/princess-peach-money-oped-books-cx_de_fict1507_1211peach.html

A pity Forbes didn't continue the tradition, as it would have been interesting to see Peach's rank potentially rise. You can read her competitors in the link below:

Link: http://www.forbes.com/2007/12/11/richest-fictional-characters-oped-books-fict1507-cx_mn_de_1211fictional15_land.html

Let the fandom debates begin, especially with her divorce from Mario. Heh. Special thanks to Wikipedia.org.
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I wish they'd done actual (geeky) research into figuring out Peach's net worth, rather than just making crap up. Divorcing Mario? Her floating ability being false? I know it's supposed to be humorous, but this isn't the kind of humor I fancy. I like the Toad's Finishing School for Girls, though.
I don't disagree, but it is what it is. All I can do is report, and you all decide.

Indeed, but, at least, the OP did a little research, here and there, like with the floating. Beyond SMB 2, I don't recall her doing that, again. (Not counting Super PP, as she has help, there.)

The constant kidnapping part amused me, as, well, if I were constantly kidnapped by Bowser, I'd be a little unsettled, too.

+1 for your icon, by the way.