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*waves* Hi everyone!

I'm Amanda, and I'm new to the community! I've been a fan of Princess Peach since the first Super Mario game. :]

Anyway, I'd love to see some of you guys' Peach item collections. I have seriously neglected my journal since starting college, but if anyone would like, also feel free to add me as a friend. :D
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Hi Amanda! I'm Steve and I've been an avid Princess Peach fan myself for some time now, here's my collection so far. Anyway nice to meet you and welcome to the community!
Wow, is that Peach shampoo? That is amazing! Just out of curiosity, where did you find most of your items?
Yep, that is indeed Peach shampoo. :D I've found the majority of my collection on eBay, and a few of the smaller figures are from various anime/videogame stores around the net. Many of these items are marketed only in Japan and not available in the US, making them even more sought after.