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Princess Peach in GameDaily's "Ten Babes Who Should and 10 Babes Who Shouldn't Meet Your Mom" list

Princess Peach is featured in GameDaily.com's self-explanatory "Ten Babes Who Should and 10 Babes Who Shouldn't Meet Your Mom" listing. Peach, of course, is in the former category. Copying/pasting the text for convenience's sake:

Take her to mom: Princess Peach (Super Mario Bros. series)

Even though she gets over-emotional at times (like in her DS game Super Princess Peach), Peach is an ideal woman that's as sweet as can be. She bakes plenty of goodies (like the cake she promised Mario) and she takes care of her little Toad friends.
Link: http://www.gamedaily.com/articles/galleries/ten-babes-who-should-and-10-babes-who-shouldnt-meet-your-mom/?page=1

I'll address Super Princess Peach and the over-emotional issue in a future entry, but, otherwise, I don't disagree with the OP's assessment. Hopefully, it serves as a decent enough palate cleanser for the previous entry. Enjoy the rest of the list, gamers.

Exit question: The photo the site used for Peach, where is it from? I confess that I'm not as up-to-date with her games, as I ought to be. My appreciation to anyone who can assist me.

Update (3/29): I have been informed, via the Comments, that the aforementioned photo is from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. My thanks.
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