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princess__peach's Journal

Fans of Peach
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We are all fans of Peach!

A few rules here..
*Let's keep this rated E for Everyone. Y'know, none of that hentai junk, and whatnot.
*No swearing. C'mon, Peach is a Mario character, afterall, and their language has always been clean.
*No posting with an icon that clearly has an offensive theme.
*If you want to make a really long post, or post a whole bunch of pictures at once, or a really huge picture, put these behind lj cuts.
*Respect others' opinions. No flaming or attacking other members here.
*Other common sense stuff.

Well then, let's have a peachy time here! n_n

Fun stuff~

Art Contests:
Care to show your peachy art talent? Be sure and keep an eye out for upcoming art contests!

Caption Thingies:
Feeling creative? ..Just simply enter a caption for these pictures as a comment! And here they are...!

What do you think?

Peach Hentai * Peach's Dress * Peach's Pokemon * Wapeach * Peach in Shorts * Kidnapped by DK * Super Mario Bros. 2 * SSBM Figure * Princess Toadstool * Least Favorite SSBM Dress * New Dress for Nintendo Revolution * Super Princess Peach Import

Have any good ideas for future art contests, pictures for captions, or poll topics? Feel free to email them to the maintainer of this community, at cocotapioka@comcast.net

Got any Peach art you'd like to show off here? Each member of this community is allowed to have a total of three Peach pictures in the following link. (They can be in formats of jpg, gif, swf, etc [visuals]) All I ask is that Peach is the main focus of your picture, and that you abide to the community rules (keep it clean, etc). Simply email your art to the maintainer of this community at cocotapioka@comcast.net along with your LiveJournal username. If you already have three pictures up, and wish to replace one of them with another, let me know, and I'll make the change. Oh, also, please allow a few days after emailing me for the pictures to go up. Thanks.

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